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Chronic fatigue is gone. Pain is gone. My body was mimicking Autoimmune Diseases because (it was) so out of whack. When you go from feeling like sleeping all day, exhausted, random pain...to energy, clear headedness again...how do you not say it's a miracle! It's life-changing emotionally.

Christina L.

I have my life back

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found that this test makes everything so easy. I know what to eat that will fuel my body and avoid discomfort and sluggishness. My skin has totally cleared up, and my digestion is so much better! I’m no longer dealing with bloating and gas, and I’m losing weight effortlessly! I can’t recommend this enough!

Jasmine S.

I am so happy I did this test

I went from constantly dieting and going to the gym every single day to eating more relaxed and having rest days and I've gotten the BEST results in years! My muscle mass has gone up and all my inflammation is gone. My body is literally tightening up and it's the easiest approach I've ever had.

Wendy M.

I'm eating more relaxed

I am pretty good at listening to my body so I was unsure if it was worth it, but I now truly believe every person should do this. It will change your perspective in ways you can’t believe. I have more energy, less inflammation, and brain fog, digestive issues and hormonal acne have eased.

Torea T.

It changed my perspective

Meet the founder:

Lindsey is an advanced-certified Epigenetics Human Potential Coach, a double-certified Holistic Nutritionist, and carries certifications in Life and Success Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping), Emotion Code, and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation... to name a few.

After a lifelong battle with her own health, including obesity, chronic illness, hormonal imbalance, migraines, food allergies, and more... Lindsey discovered the world of Epigenetics which connected all the dots: Holistic Wellness at it's finest, with DNA-based precision.

Andrea B.

ONE MONTH with Lindsey changed my entire life.

I've been able to get off my anxiety medication, reduce my depression medication, and I've even gone down a jean size during the holidays WITHOUT changing anything about my life. 

Body by Design + Epigenetics is truly changing my life for the better. If you need to reset your life, look no further. You can't even imagine how much this can change your life.

Talia A.

I really loved everything, it's very complete. That's how you heal. Spirit, body, mind connection. 

All the emphasis on breath-work really inspires me to make it a priority and keep my nervous system in a parasympathetic state.

How organized it is, how holistic it is, and you! You are powerful, encouraging, and beautiful. God sent you to bless people and be a strong force to change many lives. A powerful healer.

Dusty D.

I love the new tools you introduced us to. You help us see how science and woo come together and I love that :)

Your energy. Your authenticity. Access to all your meditations and videos. interacting with the group in the chat is fun.

The vibe you've set is encouraging/empowering/motivating without judgement. It's very, very good.

Laura G.

What I love is that I feel more confident and at peace that I'm eating for my genes, for healing. the guesswork is gone.

I can notice a positive difference in my digestion. This information paired with my genetic report gives me a clear path, I feel more confident that I will resolve my health issues.

I have already seen amazing improvements in my blood tests.

Stefy G.

I find the information you share very valuable.

The Nutrition module is super solid and full of wonderful information. My favorite things are the COOKBOOKS and RECIPES! Several of them have become faves.

I also like the philosophy of pretty much eating as close to my genetic needs, and also allowing space to "break the rules" whenever is a choice or necessary.

Janel K.

It's amazing to mw how much inflation I feel I've lost, especially in my gut / hips area (in just a couple of weeks). 

You do such an amazing job, seriously!! I'm loving your course even though I'm unable to make the live calls, I still watch them and go through the weekly activities and I feel I'm learning so much good information!