Wellness is in your DNA.

Holistic Wellness on a
whole new level.

Genomics is an expansive field of study that's taking the wellness world by storm with unprecedented accuracy and personalized insights, proving the science behind how your body responds to environmental factors including nutrition, sleep, stress, toxin exposure, and more.

You can strategically integrate your wellness approach based on what exactly works best for YOU, and what doesn't, for a streamlined approach to wellness results like never before.

This is the secret to holistic healing, vitality, prevention, and longevity.

Your DNA provides your unique

The main reason why your friend's diet doesn't work for you is because of genetic variation, or bio-individuality. Your DNA informs us what foods, supplements, sleep patterns, exercise and lifestyle choices will naturally lead to the very best you

You will learn how your body handles chemical processes and reactions, so that you can go right to the root of any areas of discord. It's important to work with a trained practitioner or clinician in order to understand which insights are most relevant for you today, as Genetic Expression can change with age, life events, and medical history. 

You'll connect the dots like never before on how to feel your absolute best, and you'll be set for a lifetime of longevity.


for ultimate health + wellness

Chronic fatigue is gone. Pain is gone. My body was mimicking Autoimmune Diseases because (it was) so out of whack. When you go from feeling like sleeping all day, exhausted, random energy, clear headedness do you not say it's a miracle! It's life-changing emotionally.

Christina L.

I have my life back

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found that this test makes everything so easy. I know what to eat that will fuel my body and avoid discomfort and sluggishness. My skin has totally cleared up, and my digestion is so much better! I’m no longer dealing with bloating and gas, and I’m losing weight effortlessly! I can’t recommend this enough!

Jasmine S.

I am so happy I did this test

I went from constantly dieting and going to the gym every single day to eating more relaxed and having rest days and I've gotten the BEST results in years! My muscle mass has gone up and all my inflammation is gone. My body is literally tightening up and it's the easiest approach I've ever had.

Wendy M.

I'm eating more relaxed

I am pretty good at listening to my body so I was unsure if it was worth it, but I now truly believe every person should do this. It will change your perspective in ways you can’t believe. I have more energy, less inflammation, and brain fog, digestive issues and hormonal acne have eased.

Torea T.

It changed my perspective

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You'll receive your secure sample collection kit in the mail within days. Simply swab your cheek--SO EASY-- and register your kit online in the Designer Genes® database, and pop it back in the mail.

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Use the included prepaid mailer to return your saliva sample back to the private lab for processing. This takes about 4-6 weeks. International clients receive shipping address for easy returns.

It's showtime!

In roughly a month, your data will be back from the lab and ready for interpretation! When your report is ready, you'll receive an email that it's time to schedule your session via Zoom.

During your 1:1 video session, you'll get a full interpretation and action plan based on your DNA that's shareable with any of your partner practitioners. Your session is always recorded, as well.

Inside your Report

Optimize your metabolism. Heal your gut. Drop the diets that don't work and learn what's most efficient for YOU! Learn which foods work best, potential food sensitivities and triggers, ideal macro ratios, fats digestion and preference, appetite and satiety, sugar craving/behavioral insights, and more. This panel includes the following insights:

  • Macro Preferences
  • Response to Saturated Fats, PUFAs, MUFAs
  • Dairy Sensitivity
  • Gluten Allergy
  • Grain Sensitivity
  • Histamine Sensitivity
  • Lipid Handling
  • Sodium Sensitivity
  • Caffeine Tolerance

nutrition / Nutrigenomics

sleep & Stress

Ready to sleep like a baby? Or just wish you could chill out? Identify areas of support opportunity with brain chemistry propensities and your most effective interventions.

  • Sleep Onset & Circadian Rhythm
  • Sleep Disruption
  • Restless Leg
  • Cortisol
  • Mood Regulation
  • Caffeine & Melatonin Metabolism

detox pathways

This category alone can save you a small fortune if you're having complex signs of distress. Sometimes success is beyond controlling input and more optimizing detox and output. Identify details of multiple phases that impact hormonal balance, toxic load handling, cellular aging and repair, and much more.

  • Phase 1 Detox
  • Methylation
  • Acetylation
  • Glutathione System
  • Immune Function
  • Inflammatory Response
Address micronutrient needs, vitamin conversion, gut health and absorption. Ditch the multivitamins and learn how you can save money by streamlining only what you need most.

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B1
  • Folate
  • Choline
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Selenium

micronutrients / supplementation

Beyond the blood / urine labs that change ALL the time... your genetic Hormones insights can show you the fastest path to optimization. Additional labs can be helpful but most often aren't necessary to get even better, longer-lasting results.

  • Thyroid
  • Progesterone
  • Estrogen
  • Testosterone


Work SMARTER, not harder! Optimize your activity plan and overcome metabolic hurdles with insights on preferences and inherent responses to various approaches to wellness.

  • Glucose Handling & Insulin Resistance
  • Exercise Tolerance
  • Workout Recovery 
  • Soft Tissue Health
  • Response to Exercise Types
  • Hunger Signaling
  • Snacking and Sweet Tooth Receptors

Body Composition

Don’t compare us to DIY

You may be thinking, "Can’t I just take an at-home test?? They’re so much cheaper?!" Or perhaps you've already learned this the hard way.

This is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. Inexpensive automated testing cannot compute EPIGENETIC impact… this means that your entire lived experience, medical history, exposures, daily lifestyle, AGE, stress levels, and so much more… aren’t even considered in your equation.

Does that make sense to you??

Unless you’re meeting with a trained practitioner, you’ll miss the mark BIG TIME by not fully understanding how to get the most value out of your genetic insights. TRUST me, even clients I’ve coached in the medical space don’t know *this much* about how to harness the power of genomics.

You receive an actual TON of information and detailed insights from our one-time test. It’s incredibly helpful to have someone help you SORT through it all so that you can prioritize in a logical way to ensure you’re not going to get overwhelmed. During your private coaching session, you’ll receive a personalized plan based on your DNA, your preferences, and the pace that feels good for you right now.

Andrea B.

ONE MONTH with Lindsey changed my entire life.

I've been able to get off my anxiety medication, reduce my depression medication, and I've even gone down a jean size during the holidays WITHOUT changing anything about my life. 

Body by Design + Epigenetics is truly changing my life for the better. If you need to reset your life, look no further. You can't even imagine how much this can change your life.

Talia A.

I really loved everything, it's very complete. That's how you heal. Spirit, body, mind connection. 

All the emphasis on breath-work really inspires me to make it a priority and keep my nervous system in a parasympathetic state.

How organized it is, how holistic it is, and you! You are powerful, encouraging, and beautiful. God sent you to bless people and be a strong force to change many lives. A powerful healer.

Dusty D.

I love the new tools you introduced us to. You help us see how science and woo come together and I love that :)

Your energy. Your authenticity. Access to all your meditations and videos. interacting with the group in the chat is fun.

The vibe you've set is encouraging/empowering/motivating without judgement. It's very, very good.

Laura G.

What I love is that I feel more confident and at peace that I'm eating for my genes, for healing. the guesswork is gone.

I can notice a positive difference in my digestion. This information paired with my genetic report gives me a clear path, I feel more confident that I will resolve my health issues.

I have already seen amazing improvements in my blood tests.

Stefy G.

I find the information you share very valuable.

The Nutrition module is super solid and full of wonderful information. My favorite things are the COOKBOOKS and RECIPES! Several of them have become faves.

I also like the philosophy of pretty much eating as close to my genetic needs, and also allowing space to "break the rules" whenever is a choice or necessary.

Janel K.

It's amazing to mw how much inflation I feel I've lost, especially in my gut / hips area (in just a couple of weeks). 

You do such an amazing job, seriously!! I'm loving your course even though I'm unable to make the live calls, I still watch them and go through the weekly activities and I feel I'm learning so much good information!



Meet the founder:

Lindsey Lekhraj is an advanced-certified Epigenetics Human Potential Coach, a double-certified Holistic Nutritionist, and carries certifications in Life and Success Coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping), Emotion Code, and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation... to name a few.

After a lifelong battle with her own health, including obesity, chronic illness, hormonal imbalance, migraines, food allergies, and more... Lindsey discovered the world of Epigenetics which connected all the dots: Holistic Wellness at it's finest, with DNA-based precision.


Check out the 'About Us' video above for more details!

Genomics is a study of how your unique DNA patterns interact with environmental factors, including diet, exercise, stress levels, and sleep. By learning how your specific chemical reactions function best, you can take trial-and-error out of the equation of optimizing your overall wellbeing.

This incredibly valuable knowledge will provide you with the guidance of how to best support your body to feel your absolute best and minimize risk of disease, increasing vitality and longevity. If you've ever wished that you knew EXACTLY what would work for YOUR body before trying yet another diet, workout, or lifestyle approach... If you've ever felt like you wasted money on supplements or couldn't really tell if your vitamins were doing anything for you... then stop guessing and start testing!

We have decades of research that indicate specific correlations and responses by genotype. For example, certain genotypes respond positively to trialed interventions, while other genotypes may have no response or even a negative impact.

This technology allows us to zoom in for micro-analysis of your unique chemical makeup to understand where you're in need of specific support, which things are a total waste of your time, and where to avoid negative impact.

Our proprietary comprehensive analysis ensures that you're getting the most advanced insights available, spanning many systems and cellular pathways in the body for a holistic strategy that provides a succinct plan.

*Check out the 'About Us' video above for more info*  

Well, if you still don’t feel as great as you’d like to feel… then, yes! Lab tests are great to cross-reference, but ultimately they’re addressing the symptoms, not looking for root causes. They only show what’s currently happening in your body, so most of the time they don’t present a solution for the root cause.

That’s where genomics comes in. We are looking at how your body is literally wired to perform best. When you make adjustments to your lifestyle, such as sleeping/exercising/eating for your configuration, you’ll see inflammation drop quickly and easily because you’re giving your body what it wants! You only have to do this test once, and you get a wealth of knowledge in your unique blueprint.

Valid concern! Unlike Direct-to-Consumer tests that openly sell your data to pharmaceutical companies, the company I'm working with uses a barcode and your email to track test kits and results. This test is designed for clinical use and application, so it's far more secure and in-depth than any DIY kit on the market.  

If you’ve ever had lab work done, you likely already have far more data stored than this test will ever connect to you.

Also, raw test data is only stored in the database for 90 days and can be deleted upon your request. Your information is never sold, unlike any products that are marketed and sold Direct-to-Consumer.

The clinical test I use actually has a proprietary screening panel that tests currently 120,000 more SNPs (genetic markers) than any other consumer test on the market, many of them including lifestyle and longevity variables that help us to create an extremely holistic wellness plan for each individual. Security measures are also unbelievably more favorable than any Direct-to-Consumer test; see below.

Also, the real value here is in expert interpretation and reading. An auto-generated report can tell you information about your genes, but doesn’t consult with you about your current concerns or provide actionable lifestyle shifts that are in your best interest. In order to understand how to implement all this data, a human expert touch is key.

Coaching and implementation are the biggest differences between *genetics* and *epigenetics* ... your genes are like the cards you've been dealt; epigenetics is how to play your best hand.

Only once! Just another reason why Genomics Coaching is so valuable… you test once and you have your codes, FOREVER! You can use this data with any physician or other practitioner to develop your ideal wellness plan as your needs evolve over your lifetime. Many medications and supplements can be tailored to your specific genotypes.

Nope! Not at all; in fact, the field of Genomics is all about disease prevention with holistic lifestyle implications. Nearly all diseases can be avoided when you learn which specific-to-you actions will prevent them from your unique Genomics Analysis

We can see foundational sensitivities to major food groups, which alleviates the need to follow through with many intolerance tests. Many food sensitivities are not true allergies, but rather intolerances. This means that your body may not respond well to certain things, especially if sensitivities are showing up that haven't always been there. Generally this can point to gut inflammation stemming from something larger, so your genetics will show the root causes that could trigger food sensitivities.

In most cases, once you address the root cause, food sensitivities will diminish or even go away relatively quickly! With other forms of testing, you are likely not identifying the root cause, so even eliminating specific foods will not correct the signs of inflammation. This is another point of value in Epigenetics Analysis; it doesn't have to be re-screened in 6 months!

I do! You can choose installments at check out. You'll still get all the same benefits and support! I understand first-hand how it feels to invest out-of-pocket in your health, and I assure you, the value for this test is absolutely incredible. You'll have it for use and reference for the rest of your life.

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