Your DNA Blueprint for optimal weight, happy hormones, and clear energy.

tailored solutions


You’re doing everything.

You’ve researched, you’ve invested, you’ve stuck to the plan.

You are not the problem.

The problem is– you don't have the right plan.

You already know...

You're doing WAY more than average when it comes to wellness. 

You buy the best supplements, eat the best foods-- at least most of the time.

You show up for yourself.

You live your life with intention.

You spend SO. Much. Time. learning about all the new trends and topics.

In fact... it feels like you know MORE than your doctors most of the time.

So why does it feel like things just aren't working so well?

Surely the answer isn't just to work out harder or restrict foods even more...

It’s like having a biological blueprint… a roadmap, some say.

We've been told it's like having a User's Manual for your body.

When you see your Body by Design® blueprint, SO MUCH makes sense that you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t working this way.

Why would you want to do wellness without directions?

Our clients LOVE getting better results with LESS effort-- thanks to their detailed DNA guide.

We empower women (and men and children) by providing clear, tailored solutions to metabolic health, hormones, gut health, food sensitivites, autoimmunity, and other complexities...

All with one little swab of your cheek.
Your results are good for life.

You're going to FLIP when you see how good this gets.

You need a strategy
as smart as you

There's a reason it seems like things aren't adding up.

Like your efforts are FAR more than your results.

I get it, because I’ve been there too…

Spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for specialists, protocols, courses.

Every functional test. Every diet on the planet.

Countless hours on the internet, hoping for answers, only to find more confusion.

Your body isn't broken, and you're not going crazy...

And NO. It's not just "normal" to feel like crap.

I got sick of settling and knew there had to be better solutions...

There had to be a better way to wellness.

And then this happened...

After spending a fortune and following all the dead ends for so long, almost giving up hope altogether... I finally found the solutions I sought with genomics testing.

Even back to my childhood.

Immediately I had the missing link to my raging gut problems, metabolic issues, fatigue, hormonal imbalances that I’d been struggling with since before puberty. I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself. I started to share this technology with everyone I know!

You see, your DNA is complex but clear– it’ll show you exactly how your body’s chemistry needs support in order to optimize cellular function. 

Some of us are more sensitive to certain things. Some of us need specific types of nutrients. Some of us are doing WAY too many things that don’t even move the needle.

It's almost too good to be true...

Could it have been that simple all along?

I love the clear suggestions that I can implement to get my body going. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with all of the information, I feel empowered to make small changes at first, try a few different things, and add on as I feel ready. I don't dread mornings as much as I used to and I appreciate the shift in both my body and my attitude! 


I don't dread mornings as much as I used to

What I love is that I feel more confident and at peace that I’m eating for my genes, for healing. The guesswork is gone. I can notice a positive difference in my digestion. I feel more confident that I will resolve my health issues. I have already seen amazing improvement in my blood tests.


The guess work is gone

And reduce my depression medication. I've even gone down a jeans size during the holidays WITHOUT changing anything about my life. Epigenetics is truly changing my life for the better. If you need to reset your life, look no further.


I've been able to get off my anxiety medication

I am pretty good at listening to my body so I was unsure if it was worth it, but I now truly believe every person should do this. It will change your perspective in ways you can’t believe. I have more energy, less inflammation, and brain fog, digestive issues and hormonal acne have eased.


It changed my perspective


Most practitioners in the women's wellness space are trying hard to sell you a course or automated program, a magic pill, a cleanse, or a test to tell you "what's wrong" with you...

Body by Design® is quite the opposite.

We actually show you what's working and what's going to work better-- by understanding your deep cellular chemistry that's driven by your DNA.

You and I already know--

No diet works for everyone, for very long.

No workout is perfect for us all.

There is no magic hormone fix that's universal.

Even internet experts don't know exactly what works for YOU.

We are all as complex and individual on the inside as we are on the outside... so isn't it about time we started strategizing like it? You deserve a plan that's build for YOU.

Inside your


Optimize your metabolism. Heal your gut. Drop the diets that don't work and learn what's most efficient for YOU! Learn which foods work best, potential food sensitivities and triggers, ideal macro ratios, fats digestion and preference, appetite and satiety, sugar craving/behavioral insights, and more. This panel includes the following insights:

  • Macro Preferences
  • Response to Saturated Fats, PUFAs, MUFAs
  • Dairy Sensitivity
  • Gluten Allergy
  • Grain Sensitivity
  • Histamine Sensitivity
  • Lipid Handling
  • Sodium Sensitivity
  • Caffeine Tolerance

nutrition / Nutrigenomics

sleep & Stress

Ready to sleep like a baby? Or just wish you could chill out? Identify areas of support opportunity with brain chemistry propensities and your most effective interventions.

  • Sleep Onset & Circadian Rhythm
  • Sleep Disruption
  • Restless Leg
  • Cortisol
  • Mood Regulation
  • Caffeine & Melatonin Metabolism

detox pathways

This category alone can save you a small fortune if you're having complex signs of distress. Sometimes success is beyond controlling input and more optimizing detox and output. Identify details of multiple phases that impact hormonal balance, toxic load handling, cellular aging and repair, and much more.

  • Phase 1 Detox
  • Methylation
  • Acetylation
  • Glutathione System
  • Immune Function
  • Inflammatory Response
Address micronutrient needs, vitamin conversion, gut health and absorption. Ditch the multivitamins and learn how you can save money by streamlining only what you need most.

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B1
  • Folate
  • Choline
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron
  • Selenium

micronutrients / supplementation

Beyond the blood / urine labs that change ALL the time... your genetic Hormones insights can show you the fastest path to optimization. Additional labs can be helpful but most often aren't necessary to get even better, longer-lasting results.

  • Thyroid
  • Progesterone
  • Estrogen
  • Testosterone


Work SMARTER, not harder! Optimize your activity plan and overcome metabolic hurdles with insights on preferences and inherent responses to various approaches to wellness.

  • Glucose Handling & Insulin Resistance
  • Exercise Tolerance
  • Workout Recovery 
  • Soft Tissue Health
  • Response to Exercise Types
  • Hunger Signaling
  • Snacking and Sweet Tooth Receptors

Body Composition

Dusty D.

I love the new tools you introduced us to. You help us see how science and woo come together and I love that :)

Your energy. Your authenticity. Access to all your meditations and videos. interacting with the group in the chat is fun.

The vibe you've set is encouraging/empowering/motivating without judgement. It's very, very good.

Laura G.

What I love is that I feel more confident and at peace that I'm eating for my genes, for healing. the guesswork is gone.

I can notice a positive difference in my digestion. This information paired with my genetic report gives me a clear path, I feel more confident that I will resolve my health issues.

I have already seen amazing improvements in my blood tests.

Stefy G.

I find the information you share very valuable.

The Nutrition module is super solid and full of wonderful information. My favorite things are the COOKBOOKS and RECIPES! Several of them have become faves.

I also like the philosophy of pretty much eating as close to my genetic needs, and also allowing space to "break the rules" whenever is a choice or necessary.

Talia A.

I really loved everything, it's very complete. That's how you heal. Spirit, body, mind connection. 

All the emphasis on breath-work really inspires me to make it a priority and keep my nervous system in a parasympathetic state.

How organized it is, how holistic it is, and you! You are powerful, encouraging, and beautiful. God sent you to bless people and be a strong force to change many lives. A powerful healer.

Talia A.

It's amazing to mw how much inflation I feel I've lost, especially in my gut / hips area (in just a couple of weeks). 

You do such an amazing job, seriously!! I'm loving your course even though I'm unable to make the live calls, I still watch them and go through the weekly activities and I feel I'm learning so much good information!

Andrea B.

ONE MONTH with Lindsey changed my entire life.

I've been able to get off my anxiety medication, reduce my depression medication, and I've even gone down a jean size during the holidays WITHOUT changing anything about my life. 

Body by Design + Epigenetics is truly changing my life for the better. If you need to reset your life, look no further. You can't even imagine how much this can change your life.



Test Once, Optimize Forever.
Break Up with Chasing Trends & Doomscrolling.

Your genomic profile is something you will return to again and again, sort of like a body-home-base.

When your hormones change, when your lifestyle changes, when you’re ready to go next level… you can return to your Body by Design® blueprint and adjust to your current goals.

This isn’t just another “thing” to add to the list of “things” you’ve tried… this is literally learning how to support your body’s own chemistry from the very foundations.

There’s no other testing on the market that provides such a comprehensive approach. There are no retesting schemes… no cookie-cutter protocols to sell you.

You’ll simply learn what works best for you, what doesn’t work, and what doesn’t matter. Profound!


what’s included

Premium Private Testing Experience:
  • Secure Lab Processing (CLIA & CAP Certified)
  • Confidential Data Guarantee-- we don't store or sell your data!
  • Easy cheek-swab DNA collection kit for quick, convenient testing can be completed any time, any age, any health condition without impacting your results
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Largest panel available anywhere with over 500 genes over 50 categories!
  • Expert Interpretation and Results: personalized report overview and guidance via video recording by a certified Designer Genes® Coach
  • Personalized Action Plan: based on YOUR chemistry, lifestyle, priorities
  • Follow up Support and Strategy Sessions available by request
Comprehensive Genomics Analysis:
  • Gut Health
  • Hormones (Thyroid, Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone)
  • Metabolic Health & Insulin Resistance
  • Food Sensitivities (Gluten/Grains, Dairy, Histamines)
  • Macros / Fats Response
  • Micronutrients & Supplementation
  • Longevity & Detox Pathways (Phase 1, Methylation, Heart Health)
  • Toxin Sensitivities (Mold, Metals, Lyme)
  • Sleep Optimization
  • Stress Response (Cortisol, Mood Regulation)
  • Inflammatory Response & Oxidative Stress
  • Exercise Response (Intensity, Recovery, Strength, Endurance, Sprint)

One-time, value-packed test with just a simple swab of your cheek to provide optimization strategy for a lifetime

discover your secret strategy


DNA testing provides a vast set of insights across many areas of health: from gut health and food responses to hormones, mood, sleep, and exercise response.

Our team is skilled at supporting individuals with the most complex concerns-- because one of the joys of being a woman is that there's always something changing, and yet it seems like an actual act of Congress to get answers and support. 

We work with (mainly) women with goals ranging from fat loss to autoimmune conditions to just simply wanting to feel GOOD again, and we make it as simple as possible by dialing in your chemistry from the cellular level. It's something we believe *every* body should do.

The only kind of news we deliver is why things aren't working for you... and where to focus instead!

Genomics testing isn't looking for rare disease. That's honestly not really how DNA works. We are looking to identify areas in your unique chemistry that need support for cellular optimization. So whether it's a micronutrient you need more or less of, a nutrition strategy that's YOURS alone, or a hormonal pathway that will change your life... you'll walk away feeling more empowered than ever before.

We cannot… we work exclusively with our proprietary testing and software because they’ve been designed with YOU in mind, to provide far superior value than anything else on the market. We are confident that you’ll be blown away by the difference with Body by Design® coaching.

Absolutely! This testing is phenomenal for humans of all ages and with any type of health concern or goal… we just especially love supporting women in wellness because that’s who we are! 

CLICK HERE for testing options for men & kiddos

You can test successfully ANY time! Unlike other testing that may rely on ever-fluctuation chemistries like blood, urine, stool, or hair -- DNA data collection isn't impacted by age, current health, medications, hormonal cycles, etc.  Your results won't change, so the sooner the better! Pretty cool, right?

We offer optional continued coaching if you want support 1:1, as well as tailored courses and programming, depending on your goals.