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Reset your Chemistry. Reverse the Clock. Empower yourself to reach new levels of wellness.

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Learn the ins-and-outs of peptide therapy for self-administration for a fraction of the cost!

With proper education and guidance, and a reliable source-- you'll soon discover that peptides are the not-so-hidden secret to longevity and vitality in the biohacking world.

Looking and feeling better than you'd ever imagine is actually ATTAINABLE & AFFORDABLE with peptide therapy.

Inside PepSquad, you'll learn everything you need to know to feel confident getting started.

What exactly ARE peptides?

Peptides are essentially really fancy amino acid chains, somewhat similar to supplements that are often given orally to support things like gut health, body composition, and cognitive function.

These proteins are engineered to replace peptides that your body NATURALLY MAKES, only we start to make less and less of desired peptides as we age, after illness, or yes-- due to genetic tendencies.

By replacing or increasing strategic peptides, suddenly your body can HEAL, restoring function to that of younger years or better function. 

Because most peptides are given by subcutaneous injection with tiny insulin needles, they don't have to be digested and assimilated by your body in order for them to get to work.

This means that they often yield utterly miraculous results in a very short amount of time. 




Peptides a-z

PEPTIDE library

Learn on your own schedule and dive right into whatever category you need support with most! You'll have instant, lifetime access to peptide protocols, as well as any future updates at no additional charge.

You'll learn where and what to order, how to mix and dose peptides, and best practices for choosing which peptide will serve you best based on your current concerns... as well as what to watch out for to avoid rare side effects.

Explore over 27+ leading peptides in the categories of Longevity, Body Composition (muscle mass and fat loss), Cognitive Function (anxiety, sleep, focus), Advanced Healing (wounds, histamine, gut repair), and even Hormonal Balance

The best part is that you don't have to go it alone! Starting your peptide journey feels so much more grounded when you know you're not the only one going through it. Join the group of like minds who are already cheering you on!

I am already losing the belly fat with just the hormonal regulation peptide! It’s been such a struggle since the birth of my last child years ago and now I’m so excited that my old figure is coming back without me really changing anything else! I’m so excited to continue on this journey and have more balance in my body. (This course) has given me back great trust in that I can feel great in my body again. 


It's given me back trust in that I can feel great in my body again. 

It feels pretty miraculous, and I am feeling amazing! I'm down 8 stubborn pounds in just 5 weeks! I am so empowered to continue to help myself and my family heal and THRIVE with peptides!  Peptides have been more effective for me in 5 weeks than in 5 years of taking oral supplements! I just love the community too. 


Peptides have been more effective in 5 weeks than 5 years of supplements

Peptides are such a new and trending topic, and this education really helps me feel at the forefront and like I have an edge. Lindsey did a great job breaking it down and making it super easy and approachable. She even linked scientific studies for all peptides so we could explore further. These exciting tools make healing SO MUCH EASIER! Getting healthy shouldn't be so hard and peptides really unlock a super efficient approach.


These exciting tools make healing SO MUCH EASIER!

I finally feel like I am getting back on the right track and gaining positive momentum. Pep Squad made me feel safe and I knew I could trust the quality of the information provided. After starting several protocols I am down 7lbs, sleeping better, and my skin is clearer than it has been in years. I am so grateful I found this course and I can't wait to continue my peptide journey!


I'm so grateful I found this course

I feel so much more comfortable with peptide use for me and my clients. I noticed a huge difference in my energy and I feel like my brain is working so much better. I love how well they compliment a healthy lifestyle. So thankful for the course! I would recommend this course to anyone that is ready for the next level on their health journey.


I noticed a huge difference already

Pep Squad is the best decision you will make! It will teach you everything you need to know to support your own health and wellness, and really begin an empowering journey. It will be SO worth it!  I think it's so helpful to see what others are experiencing as it also helps us learn.


an empowering journey